Vegan or Vegetarian?


Core Difference:

Similarities and differences. Veganism is more strict and prohibits the intake of any dairy, honey, or other items that are derived from animals, such as silk and leather. Some people are unable to differentiate these two types of lifestyles, especially as there are numerous varieties of vegetarianism.

Vegans avoid all the animal-related products, including the eggs and other dairy products, sometimes even inedible ones, such as wool, silk, and leather. A vegetarian tends to eat dairy products and eggs. Veganism is a lifestyle, while vegetarianism is normally a dietary choice.

Let's explore some other options which people tend to gravitate towards.

Ovo-Lacto is the word for milk and egg. As the name implies, this type of vegetarian may eats dairy products and eggs but avoid poultry, meat, and seafood.

Lacto vegetarians who generally consume dairy products but not eggs, meat, or poultry.

Ovo vegetarians tend to eat eggs but not the other dairy products, such as meat, poultry or seafood.

Pescatarians are the people who follow a semi-vegetarian diet they do not eat poultry or meat, and just go for the fish and other seafood. 


Cruelty free and conscious of the planet and YOUR body! Take care of yourself and the world you live in - eat Whole Foods. Luckily, vegans and vegetarians don’t suffer from a lack of nutritious and delicious foods. Vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts and beans are suitable for both diets when they’re prepared correctly. And vegans can choose from a huge variety of products made with plant-based dairy substitutions. Cooking and baking your favorite treats is also still totally possible with a few simple swaps.