Making Life Easier

Friday and Sunday Pickups Located at Terceira's North Shore

Start the week off with your meals ready to go! We prepare meals according to your desired pick up day (Friday or Sunday) orders must be placed at midnight on Wednesdays for Friday pickup and midnight on Friday for Sunday pickups. 

Deliciously Plant-Based

Made with plants and nothing but. Locally sourced goodness for the soul! Real, cost friendly nutrition made simple! Cooking gets complicated and eating out adds up. We'll provide a much more convenient and healthier alternative. Fill your freezer with our tasty, nutritious meals ready to eat in minutes.

Convenient Pricing

If it’s been one of those days where standing at the stove for hours is the LAST thing you want to do, we’re here for you. We promise to provide pricing that will never break the bank. As we increase our team, we will continue to diversify our menu to give you new and exciting options. 

Important Information