Plant-powered meal prep! Healthy eating made easy and affordable.

Pickups available every Friday and Sunday!

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Terceira's North Shore: How Ordering Works

Pickups are every Friday from 10am-7pm and every Sunday From 9am-4pm. In order to allow our team to prepare fresh meals, cutoff for Friday pickups are Wednesdays at midnight and cutoff for Sunday pickups are Fridays at midnight. We are located at Rubis Terceira's North Shore.

Zoom Check out our menu & build your order!

Check out our menu & build your order!


Only $11.95 per meal! Choose from a selection of 5 or 10 for everyday lunch and dinner. We create nutritious, balanced meals to save you time AND money! All meals are under 480 calories and contribute to a healthy balanced diet.

Save Time and Money

Real, cost friendly nutrition made simple! Cooking gets complicated and eating out adds up! We'll provide a much more convenient and healthier alternative. Fill your freezer with our chef made delicious & nutritious meals ready to eat in minutes.

Choose Your Meals

Healthy source of (plant-based!) protein as well as vitamins, minerals and fibre from real, whole-food ingredients.

We Cook, You Chill

We take care of the prepping & cooking so you have more time to do you! Ready for pickup every Friday and Sunday.

Heat, Eat & Enjoy

No prep. No mess. Our meals are ready to heat and eat in minutes. Start your week off right with fresh plant-based goodness!

Zoom Nourished Bermuda Gift Card

Nourished Bermuda Gift Card

Give the gift of HEALTH this holiday season! 5 or 10 meal package redeemable any week and available for pickup and Friday or Sunday!

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