Plant Friendly Cities


THE RISE OF VEGAN HOT-SPOTS! We love it. Today, there are over 8100 vegan restaurants listed in the world, with many more vegetarian and other vegan friendly restaurants available. The industry is absolutely SKY rocketing. Let's bounce around the world and highlight a few cooooool plant spots.

  • London:

Unlike different urban areas, the London vegan scene has continuously been expanding. London was the central city on. You has a flurry of choices to pick from with over 150 veggie restaurants city wide. The Plant-Based movement keeps on turning into a standard way of life in London, and this city takes plant-life to another level! As more restaurants and cafes open in London, and existing spots add veggie friendly options, the options are literally endless! Here one of the TOP rated restaurants. 


Dishing up wicked meat-free meals since 1988, mapping out from Lexington Street, to Camden, King's Cross and Dalson too! Some of their staple dished include Sri Lankan Sweet Potato Curry, Shimeji Mushroom Gyoza, and Beetroot Burgers! Woooo. 

  • Chiang Mai Thailand:

 Chiang Mai, a beautiful destination for visitors, digital nomad and all travelers alike. Besides for the many AWESOME things going on in Chiang Mai, it is overflowing with delicious vegan restaurants.

Among many great dining spots, Chiang Mai's one of a kind restaurant is Taste from Heaven. It is famous because of its fresh morning greatness servings of mixed greens, Panang curry, and veggie lover brownies for dessert, among different choices. Chiang Mai burger joints get a serious shoutout as well such as Free Bird Cafe's vegetarian flapjacks and cheesecake. Looking for street food? Try the very popular Khanom Krok – a tasty pancake made with rice flour and coconut milk.

  • Los Angeles:

 LA is known for being a sanctuary for healthy living. The area in it's entirety is experiencing a serious upward trend towards plant-based eating, with hundreds of plant based eateries, vegan festivals and events. Well established restaurants are updating menus to include a dominant vegan section to satisfy the right of the conscious eater. With its incredible diverse community of people who belong to varied cultures, one can find fully Vegan Indian, Ethiopian, Cuban, Italian, Japanese and Mediterranean restaurants among many more. Let's take a look one of the rising stars in the LA veggie scene. 

Real Food Daily

The world's first Cajun Vegan Restaurant! 100% cholestrol-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and egg free. Welcome to a world of exquisite Cajun and Creole cuisine with hearty mains and tasty side dishes such as Louisiana Gumbo, Poboy sandwiches and vegan beignets.