QUICK Breakfast For Energy


A dairy, meat and egg free breakfast is absolutely possible, and does not have to be boring! Here we’ve compiled some of the most delightful vegan breakfast ideas to give you a BOOST to own your day! Ranging from almond butter toasts to vegan blueberry pancakes, there are several ways to pull off your day with a vegan breakfast. 

Lets Get Toasty

Simplicity at its best - toast. It’s very simple, and something we grew up eating every day. Endless possibilities of toppings - fruits, veggies, hummus, AVOCADO, or one of our favorites - Almond Butter on toast! Almond Butter boasts a high content of vitamins and minerals then a regular peanut butter. Get yourself a nice loaf of 100% whole wheat, oat, flax or gluten free bread and let it rip! Quick, effective and delicious way deliver some healthful protein, some slowly digested carbohydrates, and some fruit or vegetables.

Smoothie Bowls

Second of our plant-based breakfast ideas. Smoothies, Smoothies, Smoothies. These delicious frozen meals are PACKED with vitamins and nutrients. As great as these are, it's important to hit the right balance to ensure optimal benefits. Add vegetables (spinach) Fruit (berries of choice) and a key ingredient which provides good protein and fats such as Chia, Hemp or flax seeds. Have some fun with it, top your bowl off with granola or coconut to add an extra tasty crunch! Do this and your day will start with absolute optimization, your body will be prepared for a strong, energy filled day!

Pancakes? That's Right! 

Just hearing the word Pancakes” creates the most beautiful Sunday morning setting, with hot coffee brewing and the sun gleaming through the window. The aroma of batter hitting the griddle will instantly instill those feelings of nostalgia. Pancakes do not have to be regarded as an unhealthy breakfast spot - this is not IHOP, let's turn it up a notch! 

All we're doing here is swapping milk for almond milk, replacing eggs with mashed banana and cutting out the butter! You will never be able to tell that these pancakes are completely vegan. Use whole wheat flower for the complete package and add a bit of raw cocoa which increase your immune system and gives you a natural boost of energy!